About Zyxware

Zyxware Technologies was born out of a vision to contribute to the formation of a compassionate and just society. We derive our motivation from this vision and strive to align ourselves to it. With Zyxware Technologies, we are engaged in building a platform from which we can launch many initiatives that can help in realizing that vision.

- Anoop John, Founder and Managing Director

Our Vision

A global IT solutions company that continually delivers true value to its people, clients and the society and is anchored on the values of honesty and fairness.

Our Mission

  • Enabling people to leverage on Information Technology
  • Promoting and popularising the philosophy of Free Software

Our Motto

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" M. K. Gandhi

Our Contributions

Zyxware Technologies, established in 2006, has been offering Web Applications Development services, IT Infrastructure and Free Software Support to a global clientele. With its team of over 50 people it has delivered over a 100 projects. It is also a leading promoter of Free Software in its home state of Kerala.

  • Freedom walk

    Freedom walk is a project aimed at spreading the message of 'Freedom in Society', 'Freedom from Environmental Issues', and 'Freedom in Software'...

  • Freedom toaster

    The freedom toaster is a self­contained kiosk that will burn any one of the Free Software distributions it houses on to user supplied optical media.

  • Health Monitoring System

    The Health Monitoring System, a new software developed by Zyxware Technologies, is fast transforming the way information is collected...

  • Free Software Migration

    The Kerala State Legislative Assembly's migration to free software platform is a major milestone for the free software movement in the state...

  • Rithu OS

    Rithu is a Linux Distro based on Ubuntu. The first version of Rithu, has been named as “Shishiram”, a Malayalam word that means “autumn”.

  • Developer Camps/Trainings

    Zyxware Technologies has been conducting several Developer camps and training programmes in engineering colleges and polytechnics for students and faculty...

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