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E-commerce with Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is a Commerce Platform with a powerful WCM backend

Magento Vs Drupal Commerce

An e-commerce site requires detailed product description, reviews and comparisons. It is imperative that the content is revamped on a regular basis, to retain interest and customer loyalty. This can be easily incorporated by the site owner who opts for a Drupal based website.

Content Strategy Diverse content with deep relationships, taxonomies and categories Basic site content or blog for catalog/ product content
Catalog complexity Unlimited catalog creation Run of the mill catalog format and product presentation
Product Offering Non traditional and mixed product offerings Traditional physical or digital product offerings
Platform functionality Open, flexible feature set and custom application foundation Feature set with sole focus on commerce
Admin interface Basic yet, customizable admin interface Rigid admin interface
User Experience Strong, defined vision for a greater user experience Industry standard user experience
Business Strategy Commerce is part of an extensive experience Limited to commerce

What we do!

Brand Awareness

Create brand awareness of your products using social media integration across various media portals. Zyxware helps you to implement consistent marketing strategies for your ecommerce site. Deliver a great digital experience to customers using social, mobile, analytic and cloud hosting services.

Multilingual capability

With Drupal 8’s multilingual capability, a wider audience can be reached. Drupal has evolved into a powerful content management platform. One of its attractive and compelling feature is multilinguality. With Drupal 8, multilingual capability is taken to the next level.


Retain your site visitors by segmenting and offering products that interest target clients using Acquia Lift integration. Acquia Lift is completely automated, based on unique machine learning algorithms that calculate the right digital experience to deliver to each user.

Drupal E-commerce Solutions and More

With a focus on developing, promoting and establishing your e-commerce business, we build scalable and secure e-commerce solutions that leverage powerful Drupal CMS.


Front-end development, Mobile App Development, Mobile Site Development, Multisite Installations, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Security Reviews, Site building, Support, Theming and Upgrades.

Digital Marketing

We provide SEO optimization, site audits and reviews and make sure your business has excellent online presence.

UberCart to Drupal Commerce Migration

Replace outdated UberCart module with dynamic, feature rich Drupal Commerce module for e-commerce sites. Drupal Commerce provides a more user friendly experience to visitors and site administrators of ecommerce websites.

Magento to Drupal Commerce Migration

Drupal Commerce is built from the ground up to integrate with Drupal Core while Magento is a standalone e-commerce platform that will need a decent CMS to build on. The problem with integrating two different platforms like Magento does, is that any extension to this will not be as functional without a lot of additional work. The flexibility and security offered by Drupal Commerce is unmatchable.

The Open Source Advantage

One of the compelling reasons for Drupal’s popularity as a CMS for web development is that it is open source. There are no licensing cost and no dependency on proprietary organisations. A huge contributing community of Drupal developers add to the exponential growth of the software and its development.


Using Drupal, we can build highly secure web applications. For e-commerce sites, payment transactions can be further secured using third party integrations like Riskified.

Boost sales with discount and sale coupons

Attract customers and turn visitors into shoppers with discount offers and coupons. Event based emails can be triggered for school re-opening, winter sales, Black Friday sales etc.

Bulk mail integration

To reach to a huge database of potential visitors, bulk emails can be sent to target customers during special sale seasons.

About Us

An established name in the Drupal industry, Zyxware Technologies takes pride in delivering high quality, customized web applications to achieve your unique business objectives in taking the digital world by storm.

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  • Cem Goknil

    Cem Goknil
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    "Working with Zyxware has been a smooth experience from project start to finish. We handed Zyxware graphic designs for a website. They turned these designs into a fully functional, error-free Drupal website in just 2 weeks."

  • Sankar Thiagasamudram

    Founder & COO - Audeze

    "Zyxware has helped us build complex features such as integrating our website and our backend ERP, Frequency response customization for headsets, Fraud detection, dealer management system and so on."

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