Outsourced Drupal Project Development to India based on Fixed Price model

July 22, 2015 - 20:14

Planning to build your next project in Drupal? Does not have a Drupal team to build it for you? Searching for a good team of Drupal developers to build your project for you? Search no more! You have come to the right company to build your Drupal project for you. We have several hundreds of thousands of hours of Drupal development experience built since 2006 and we will be able to take your requirements and build and deliver your Drupal project in a turnkey manner.

Key Features

In a fixed price model the client would have to give clear specifications about the requirements at the start of the project and a fixed price quote will be provided for with an expected schedule for the delivery. The key features of the model would be

  • The model works well only when there is very high levels of clarity on the requirements and the clarity is captured in documentation
  • There is clear visibility on the budget and schedule for the project
  • There will not be much flexibility to alter the requirements during the development of the project
  • The project would typically be delivered in a waterfall model

When there is very high levels of clarity in requirements a project can be run under a fixed price model. When there is lack of clarity clients could engage us over a business analysis engagement to build the level of clarity required to come up with clear specs and estimates. When there is lack of clarity in the requirements a fixed price model would work against the interest of both the client as well as the service provider.

If you are interested in engaging us in a Fixed Price engagement do get in touch with us. If you are not sure if the model would work for you let us have a look at your requirements and we can evaluate the best model to build out your requirements